Licefreee Gel Directions

Licefreee! Gel is our original non-toxic head lice treatment offering parents an effective alternative to traditional permethrin head lice treatments. Be sure to follow all Licefreee! Gel directions for the product to be effective.

Note that Licefreee Gel is safe to use on children 6 months and older. If you have a child under 6 months old, you should consult your doctor for advice on how to treat your child for head lice.

Shake bottle well. Remove the tamper evident seal and replace with enclosed root applicator. Attach root applicator to Licefreee Gel Head Lice Treatment

Apply product to dry hair and entire scalp. Lice congregate at the nape of the neck and behind the ears where it is warm so it is best to start in those areas and work forward. Be sure to use enough product to thoroughly saturate all hair and scalp.

Tip: You may find it is easier to clip up sections of the hair and work with small sections at a time.

Apply  Licefreee Gel Head Lice Treatment using root applicator

Once Licefreee! Gel has been applied, place the included plastic cap over the hair and leave on for at least 60 minutes. For best results you will want to stay in a warm room.

Tip: Leaving Licefreee! Gel on the hair longer than 60 minutes is not necessary and will not make it more effective.

With shower cap on allow  Licefreee Gel Head Lice Treatment to work for one hour
After one hour remove the cap. Since we suggest leaving the gel in the hair while nit combing (next step), it may be easier if you comb through the hair with a regular comb first to untangle the hair. You can soak your regular comb in hot water afterwards to sanitize. Combing with regular comb helps get ready to use lice nit comb
With Licefreee! Gel still in the hair, use the stainless steel professional nit comb to remove all dead head lice and nits. Rinse comb between passes through the hair. Remove dead lice and nits with nit comb

After the dead nits and head lice are combed out, rinse hair thoroughly with warm running water. After rinsing, inspect hair one more time to make sure all head lice and nits have been removed. You can use the comb without the gel in the hair if you find any more lice or nits that need to be removed.

Tip: cover eyes with a washcloth to help prevent splashing in the eyes when washing Licefreee! Gel out of the hair.

After using  Licefreee Gel Head Lice Treatment rinse and wash hair