Head Lice Facts

Are you a parent dealing with head lice? You are not alone. There are approximately 12 million cases of head lice infestation annually in the United States. Head lice is primarily found in elementary school aged girls, but they are happy to live on a person of any age or gender.

Our video offers head lice information for parents to cope with a head lice infestation. There are many myths, but understanding the facts of head lice will help you become lice free:

  • Head lice are tiny, six-legged insects that survive on human blood. They like to live in the warm area near your scalp where they feed and lay eggs called nits.
  • Many people say that head lice make them feel dirty. Having a head lice infestation does not mean you are an unclean person. They will crawl onto anyone’s hair and may prefer clean heads over dirty ones.
  • Head lice cannot live off a human head for longer than about 36 hours. They need to feed on human blood to survive.
  • Your cat or dog cannot get human head lice. Animals can get lice, but they are a different species.
  • Head lice crawl very quickly from one person to another, but they cannot fly or jump.
  • A louse can be transferred through personal items such as hairbrushes, hats and helmets. It is best to teach your children not to share these items.
  • Home remedies have become popular alternatives to chemical pesticides. But head lice are difficult to suffocate, and these remedies may not kill nits. Using an effective, non-toxic treatment from Licefreee! is an affordable option to help you end head lice infestation.
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