How can I tell if Licefreee worked to kill all of the nits?


My granddaughter had 5 live head lice and nits around 3 weeks ago. She was treated with Licefree and the nits were hand removed since the comb really didn't work that well. 5 days later around 4 or 5 more nits were removed which were probably missed the first time but no live lice were found. 3 days after that she had another treatment and 1 dead louse was found and a few more nits removed. She appears now, 21 days after the initial treatment lice and egg free. My question is, why didn't Licefree kill all the nits. I am thinking that the dead louse that was found was a nymph. Internet information is very confusing. I just want real facts.


It is impossible to tell with the naked eye if a nit is dead or alive, but our studies have shown that the nits die when treated with Licefreee. That being said, all of the nits have to be saturated with the treatment for the length of time recommended in the directions in order to die. There is a possibility that one was missed. Also dead nits will not fall off the hair follicle, they will stay attached and grow out with your hair if you do not remove them. We are happy to see it sounds like you did everything correctly and you were successful in ending your head lice infestation!


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