Does Licefreee Spray work on adults


Does lice free spray work for adults??? I used it and I have very long and thick hair. I used 2 1/2 bottles to complete soak and saturate my hair. It has now finally dried but my scalp is itchy here and there. Is it in my head or did it work??


It is not uncommon for a scalp to continue to itch after treating for head lice. There are a few reasons why your scalp may itch after using Licefreee Spray:

  • Licefreee treatments use sodium chloride as the active ingredient, more simply known as salt.  For some people, salt can be drying to the scalp and may cause it to itch. Once treatment is complete you can wash with your regular shampoo and conditioner to soothe the scalp.
  • If you have used other treatments before using Licefreee, just the combination of products may cause irritation to the scalp. A conditioner may help here too.
  • Lice feed by biting into your scalp causing tiny wounds that may feel itchy and sore. This will heal after you are rid of head lice and your scalp can recover.

An itching scalp does not necessarily mean you still have head lice. Check your head to see if you have any live lice in your hair.  As a best practice, you can remove all of the nits (lice eggs) as well to make sure they are out of your hair.


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