Licefreee Everyday Shampoo 2X per day


Our family has treated with LiceFreee Spray and begun using the LiceFreee Everyday Shampoo. Is it necessary to apply the shampoo twice as directed every day leaving the second application in for at least 3 minutes for the two week period? Or, is it ok to simply wash with it as a normal shampoo?


You should be able to wash with Licefreee Everyday Shampoo as a regular shampoo daily.  Washing with it twice is to treat an infestation as that will kill any lice in the hair, but if you are using it as a preventative measure or as a follow up to a treatment, once a day may work fine. However, using it this way may not take care of any new lice that might find their way on to the head which is why we recommend using it according to the directions and wash, rinse, repeat.


Head Lice
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