Body Lice Questions

We try to include all the information you need in the Resources section of our website, but body lice is a less common occurrence than head lice. Below is body lice information from questions asked by other customers. If you have another question about body lice that is not answered below, please click here to send it to us.

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Body lice and head lice are different species of lice, and head lice normally do not spread from your hair to the rest of your body.  They can infest eyebrows and eyelashes, however.  If this happens, consult your doctor.

How do i use Licefreee on body lice If you are using Licefreee Spray, it needs to sprayed on and dry naturally before washing the area. If you are using Licefreee Gel, it needs to be on your body for one hour before you wash it off.

Does licefreee spray work on pubic liceYes, Licefreee Spray! can be used to treat head lice, body lice, & pubic lice.