Licefreee Spray head lice treatment kills super lice

You've been working on getting rid of head lice, and now you can become lice free in one easy step! Licefreee Spray! has changed lice treatment by killing SUPER LICE and eggs without the use of chemical pesticides. Treating lice doesn't have to be hard. Simply spray on our non-toxic head lice treatment, allow it to air dry, and you are done!

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Product Description

Our unique lice and nit treatment use a natural, homeopathic solution that contains sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt. Fast and easy to use, apply Licefreee Spray! and it starts killing SUPER LICE and nits on contact. Allow the head lice spray to dry naturally, no rinsing or washing needed. Once the hair has dried completely after treatment, you may then resume regular grooming habits (such as: wash hair, style, etc.).

Licefreee Spray! is effective in killing both super head lice and nits, so nit combing is not required. However, most schools do have no-nit policies requiring that all nits (lice eggs) are removed from the hair. For this purpose, we include our patented lice comb for effective removal of dead lice and nits.

Have you heard of a head lice outbreak in your school? You can apply our head lice spray to the head daily to kill any head lice that may have tried to travel home.

Mom, are you trying to apply lice treatment products to yourself? Licefreee Spray! makes it easy for you to become lice free! Just spray it on until it is well saturated and allow your hair to air dry. Nit combing is not required.

Benefits of our head lice spray include:

  • Effective treatment to kill SUPER lice AND nits
  • Spray-on application is fast and easy to use
  • Begins working on contact
  • Patented nit comb
  • Natural, homeopathic active ingredient, chemical pesticide free
  • Safe to use on children 6 months and older
  • Can use daily if desired

Is Licefreee Spray! the best head lice treatment? You decide! Our products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Read more here.


I'm so sorry to be a bother but I just had to write and tell you thank you. Honestly from my whole heart thank you for your product. My 2 year old granddaughter that my husband and I raise got lice. We still have no idea how but think it may have been from a little girl hugging her at the park. She has naturally curly long thick hair. I panicked thinking of how I was going to get this little girl to sit for hours while I combed through all of her hair. My husband randomly found your product and bought it because it was a spray instead of a shampoo. It worked so well I am still speechless. I chose to still comb through her hair and everything that I combed out was dead. I don't know what we would have done without your product. Thank you so , so much.

Read More + Kim O.

After having to pick up my two daughters from school with visible nits and active lice, I was not looking forward to all that comes with getting rid of lice. We shampooed (using Nix) separating out the hair into sections and I spent 3 hours combing out their hair...even after using the Nix I was pulling live lice from my daughters head!!! We did all the other steps throughout the house to help prevent the spread only to find their heads the next day infested with lice and nits. Off to the store again...this time we chose the Lice Free Spray... I again spent about 2 hours combing out their hair but with remarkable results...the lice were killed by the spray and were coming out in the comb in droves! I am so glad I tried your product and would recommend it without hesitation!

Read More + Wendy Ibanez

My daughters were sent home from school with head lice. I immediately treated them with an OTC product, and I also took them to see their pediatrician. The doctor gave us a new prescription product to use the following day. Even after 2 different types of medication, I was still finding live lice as I combed. Coupled with the plastic combs that were not removing many nits, my frustration was very high! In the pharmacy for metal lice combs, nit gel, and plastic gloves, I found Lice Freee spray on the shelf. The price was reasonable, metal combs were included, and the product stated it was safe to use as often as needed, so I bought it. And all I can say is, WOW!! It smelled pleasant, the spray was SO easy to apply thoroughly, and it didn't burn the girls' heads. Plus, the combs were absolutely fantastic, removing at least 99% of the nits- and my daughters both have hair that is very curly and difficult to comb! After receiving the all-clear from the school nurse the day after finding Lice Freee, I told her about it, and she plans to recommend it to the other parents in the school! Thank you for a GREAT product!

Read More + Shari McAllister

I can't believe it, but I got lice somehow at age 34! I was mortified and extremely embarrassed. I was scared to use the products that were on the market because I knew they had pesticides in them. After doing an internet search for non-toxic lice removal this product came up. I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I can tell you that I used it and was so surprised how easy and effective the product was. I just sprayed it in and used the comb and removed several bugs and tons of nits. It was super easy and smelled really nice too. I felt really good about using this product and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be Licefreee quickly.

Read More + Zoe Sanchez

This stuff had been a LIFE CHANGER when my girls were little!! A girl at their daycare always had lice!! My girls then would get it!! Tons of money, hours upon hours picking nits!!! Finally, this spray changed it ALL!! I bought some for the girl and her family as well and NO MORE LICE!! THANK YOU!!!

Auburn Cazanigo

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