Licefreee Home lice spray for furniture

The solution to getting rid of lice in your home, Licefreee! Home Lice Control Spray for furniture is now available! Our new home treatment is changing the way you deal with head lice infestation around the house. Licefreee! Home uses the naturally occurring chemical in citrus oil, d-limonene, instead of chemical pesticides.

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Product Description

During and after head lice infestation, it is important to thoroughly clean the home. Lice often end up on pillows, mattresses, bedding, furniture, and other non-washable items. Long gone are the days of trying to shove your mattress into the washing machine. No need to reach for the traditional lice furniture sprays containing chemical pesticides. Instead, Licefreee! Home uses a naturally occurring chemical found in orange peel oil, called d-limonene. To kill lice by contact, simply spray the surface until visibly wet and allow it to air dry. It’s that easy!

Not only does Licefreee! Home Lice Control Spray kill lice, it is also non-staining and has a pleasant citrus scent!

HELPFUL TIP: Do not use Licefreee! Home to treat a person; it is not intended for use on the hair. To treat a head lice infestation, we recommend non-toxic Licefreee Spray!, or Licefreee! Kit.


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