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Summer Camp Lice Prevention

Yes, it is finally here! Maybe it is just me, but I feel like there is a collective sigh of relief from every parent when that last school bell rings, and it officially becomes summer! Congratulations parents, you have made it through another year. Now it is time to get those kiddos packed up and send them off to summer camp!Read more >

Ladies of Lice & Nit Picking Salons

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Just when you think head lice and treating head lice can’t get any stranger, it does. By now, I’m certain you’ve heard of nit picking salons; you know, the venues where lovely ladies in their perfectly pressed white aprons, with neatly coiffed up-dos, and a bright smile are willing to pick your child’s head lice and head lice eggs from each hair strand with painstaking precision? Well, these ladies of lice have taken their service to another level, and we think desperate parents will rejoice!Read more >

Life Hacks for Parents

In the spring of 2016, my husband and I joined the sleep-deprived, zombie-like existence, ‘when’s the last time we showered?’, can’t figure out left from right, club; AKA, PARENTHOOD. The past 10 months have been a blur as we constantly stumble in our quest for some sort of normalcy in our new-found-upside-down life as parents to our sweet Belle. So, as you can imagine, anytime an article proclaiming it will make our chaotic lives with a baby any easier, it’s a given that we will consume it immediately! The most recent article to peak my interest, “Twenty-five Life Hacks for Busy (and exhausted) Parents”. Yes, yes, yes! I’m a busy, exhausted parent; this article was written for me. I want 25 life hacks to make my life easier, STAT! After a thorough read, I felt the following were most worthy of your time:Read more >

How to break the news...

Hi, my name is Courtney. I am a mom, and I have no idea what the heck I am doing! Yes, I like several moms out there, am just “winging it” each and every day. Turns out I was given a pretty important job, which required no previous experience and came with no training. Whose idea was that?! Each day without fail, my very inquisitive four-year-old stumps me with a new question that I have no idea how to answer! Read more >

Stocking caps equal lice!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the lice is so delightful… Wait! That’s not right! Okay, that is not exactly how the song goes, but it is probably a more accurate rendition. Yes, unfortunately these beautiful winter months often bring with it an influx of head lice cases. An often culprit is when your kiddo or their friends are actually being good and sharing. Unfortunately, what they are sharing is their lice ridden stocking caps. We all know that sharing hats is a big no-no, but when it comes to the cold weather the need to play often supersedes that well-known rule. But those stocking caps are not the only offenders. The increase in family gatherings during the winter months will bring with it those unwanted friends and that lice soon becomes a family affair.Read more >

How long does it take?!?!

If you have ever had to deal with lice the first question that pop’s in your head is probably “how long does it take to get rid of lice?”. With thoroughly packed schedules it can seem like the biggest headache and waste of time in the world! But rest assured by following these few steps you will be lice free in no time:Read more >

Do lice fly?

Do lice fly? It is a question that we hear often. And every time I hear it, I can’t help but think of this giant winged creature flying in the darkness of the night looking for its next victim! But no need to worry, because this is complete fiction. Read more >

Lice Treatments- The History

When you work for a company who makes one of the leading non-toxic lice treatments, you begin to learn a lot about our lovely friends, lice. Facts that you would have cared less about a couple of years ago will absolutely fascinate you today. Though I must have missed these lessons during my history classes, finding a treatment for lice has been an eon’s long search. Luckily for us (and you), we have the solution and there is no test at the end!Read more >

America's Favorite Beards Get Head Lice

That’s right, not even the fellas of Duck Dynasty can avoid these pesky parasites! To be fair, those full heads of long hair and bushy beards are a louse’s dream. Last Wednesday’s episode chronicled the guys’ head lice debacle after Jep brought a head lice infested hat into the office. Was this staged for a captivating show storyline? Who’s to say? That would be some serious commitment to show ratings! I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER willingly accept head lice to boost viewership! Well, I guess that depends on how much money we’re talking… Not to mention, working for the makers of Licefreee® does take the edge off of my fear. At least I’d know I had a way of getting rid of head lice.Read more >

Back to School & Mane Menaces

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It’s the phrase every parent dreads. The phrase they shudder to think will inevitably slip from their child’s mouth, “Mommy, I ITCH.” Combine this phrase with the stress of kids heading back to school and it’s enough to send any parent into a full-on frenzy. To top it off, parental anxiety over lice only increases as stories about super lice float the media wave. Read more >