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Four out of five people in our household had lice and I tried for two weeks to get rid of it using what the pharmacist at the drugstore recommended (off brand of Rid). It seemed to work, but those little bugs were back because it didn't kill the nits. I was also surprised to find live lice on one of my kid's heads even after two rounds of treatment. A fellow mom recommended LiceFreee and I thought, why not? We used the spray and then followed up with the shampoo. 10 days later we used the spray again.The first time with the spray, we combed out so many nits. The second time through there was nothing. It works! And it's safe to use! Thank you for a great product.

Kim Craig

While working at a school with a large lice outbreak in the entire school, I found myself with lice. Being African American it is extremely hard to find products that homeopathic treatments that do not damage my fragile kinky curls. I was weary about using the product since I have never had lice but found it worked welk and after the second application (must have missed a few the first time) I am lice free. I would eecommend this product to any African American family to use if they find they have lice.

Tye Lewis

We tried everything, I checked my daughters and they looked clear, sprayed Licefreee and they fell out of their hair,GONE..I have come across 1 or 2 lice in their hair, treated them with Licefreee and GONE. NOTHING else worked.


This product is an answer to my prayer. It actually killed everything, bugs and eggs. I will keep a couple bottles on hand always, and plan on getting your shampoo also. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lorraine Pounds

I have been battling these creatures for seven months straight after a plane ride to my new home resulted in me obtaining one, and it just set the ball rolling. As it has been a very embarrassing problem I have been doing cheap treatments all on my own, I'm too ashamed to ask for help. I first tried rid. Next came the shampoo and comb session a few times, also lotion (desperate measure!) As well as mayonnaise... I was to the point of shaving it all off until I found this in the store today. I put it in immediately after arriving home and I feel like a normal person again!! It's been so long that I haven't scratched and it is sad to think I felt to the point of never being free. So thank you licefreee for creating a product that is easy to use and doesn't have a tell tale smell!


My daughter plays softball. Another little girl wore her helmet and she ended up with head lice. I treated her hair. Apparently they weren't gone so I went back to the store to look for other treatment and found this spray. I live by this spray! It actually works and by routinely doing her hair at least 2-3 times a week I can assure that if she gets it again I can treat it easily. Playing softball keeps her busy and moving so it's nice to have convenience with treatment. Thank you!

Julie Schultz

My daughter ended up with head lice after sharing helmets during softball season. I bought a number of OTC products including Robicomb...NOTHING worked!!! I finally found the best product out there in LiceFreee!!! She has outrageously thick long red hair. I didn't think we were ever going to be head lice free!! Thank You sooooo much!!

Colleen Kavanagh

Amazing - I have tried others and was not always 100% sure of removing the nits, this spray is so amazing, removed the nits and the lice were already dead when I fine combed her hair.

Yvonne H.

I can't even begin to add up how much I have spent on prescriptions, OTC lice treatments and blogs about how to rid lice on your own. I have been dealing with it for 4 months. We think we are done and then the itching starts again. Finally found this product, used it one time and it has worked! Thank you so much for making this product that is so easy to use and doesn't make my kids scream and run from me. Super affordable and saved us!!!


My daughter had gotten lice from her daycare I had used all the products out there and they just do not work! Worst of all they actually burn your head, ouch. I was at my breaking point and then I found lice free, I love the fact it's natural and doesn't burn, or smell bad and can be used again. Best of all it gets rid of lice the first time!!!! Recently my daughter had lice at her day camp, and using this product and the comb we had it gone that day and now the teachers all ask what my secret is, and of course I can't say it enough its lice free.


I've tried several brands of the well advertised lice shampoo's and nothing worked. I felt so defeated by these little bugs, big scream! I was skeptical about your product Lice Freee spray but I was desperate. It was the best decision I could've made. It completely eliminated our problem. Lice Freee spray was painless and smelled great. I will keep a bottle on hand always for the notes that routinely come home during the school year. THANK YOU!


My daughter got lice from daycare and she is 2 years old. I was afraid to use pesticides to treat her lice because she was so young. I love this spray. Easy to apply, no obnoxious smell, and most importantly, the lice is gone. It's been 3 weeks and I haven't seen one. I have another bottle on hand, just in case she gets them again from daycare. Thank you so much for this product.


Your products are wonderful! Recently, we discovered that my two sons and myself had head lice. I... am extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals and pesticides. I was afraid I would have to use something I would react to in order to stop the infestation. But no! I found your products - the spray and the shampoo. The Licefreee Spray killed all the lice on all our heads the first application! We used it twice more, to get the nits, but we found no more hatched lice after the first use! And I did not have a reaction like I would likely have had to a pesticide based product. Fortunately, my two daughters and my husband did not have signs of lice, but we also used your Licefreee shampoo to make sure they stayed that way, as well as my sons and I using it along with the spray. Your products are very gentle compared to ones I have had to use in the past. I am SO glad I found them (I just wish I had known about the coupon I could have printed first!!). God forbid we have another outbreak, but if we do, I will be using your products!

Rebecca Klingbeil

I must say I was very impressed with this product .. It does what it says its going to do .. I applied to my daughters hair following the directions the next morning no live lice anywhere ! I was so happy ! I've already started telling the other moms at the school ! I always have a bottle on hand :) it also has a wonderful smell !!!!


I have three children from 13 to 3 and I absolutely LOVE this product! My middle child has the worst time in school because of her thick hair. We've used everything over the counter and even gone to the doctor for malathion lotion for her hair because of the problem. I hated using such strong chemicals in her but nothing else worked. While shopping I found your product and decided why not, the worst it could do was not work, so I bought a bottle. It changed our lives! At least once a year we're faced with the bugs, I don't know why really, I keep everything clean and check the kids every couple of weeks but it still happens some how. They don't fight with me about treating their hair any more. It doesn't burn or sting, they aren't embarrassed because it smells great, it's really easy to comb through (unlike anything else out there!), I'm not worried about long term effects because it's non toxic and the whole process of treating is over in a fraction of the time it takes with other products and on top of all that it is incredibly well priced. Other products cost me around $100.00 per treatment for the family and don't work half as well but for a quarter of the price it's like a miracle in a spray bottle. It's amazing!! ...

Ms. Mayer mother of three

I recommend this product to everyone! I have a 5 year old daughter who has very thick curly hair...after trying numerous other more expensive brands of lice removal we tried the lice free spray. The entire process was so much easier not only for me but for my daughter as well. It literally kills the little bugs on contact! The smell was pleasant and smelled a lot like black licorice, much better then the chemical smell of other products. Look no more...if your child has lice don't wast time and money with other products...Lice Freee works!!!

Alicia Sistrunk

My 3 year year old came home from preschool with lice. I was freaked out! I used the traditional shampoo. It didn't work. I then used the conditioner type stuff. It didn't work and this caused my daughter to break out in hives. I used the Licefreee Spray! and I was so happy to find out, IT WORKED!!!!!! I was so relieved. I was also very happy that it was pesticide free. No hives, no fits. She wasn't crazy about me having to wash her hair with a sprayer in the sink. I wasn't about to have her sit in the tub and have all that pesticide residue sit on her body. I was also very worried about it getting in her eyes. I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE who has this issue. As a matter of fact, I have told everyone that I am close too. I hope we never have to go through this again. But, if we do, LicefreeeSpray! will be the first and last product we use.

Melissa Hughes

My sister in law recommended this to me when my daughter got a bad case of lice. We bought two bottles to be sure we would have enough for all four kids, my hubby, and myself. It was so easy to use. We sprayed it in and used the comb to comb everything out. We left it on overnight and then washed our hair in the morning. I rechecked those of us who had lice. I found a couple nits, but no bugs. LOVE this product and will definitely keep some on hand!

Amanda Roach

I RARELY write reviews of products but I have to for this one. My 21 month old daughter got lice from one of her cousins who she regularly plays with. I was HORRIFIED when I found two lice in her hair. I used an OTC shampoo & treatment which appeared to kill the lice but there were NITS galore. Her pediatrician told me to try soaking her hair in olive oil and covering with a shower cap overnight to get the nits out. Her hair was a greasy mess and there were still nits everywhere. I was absolutely disgusted. I actually googled "lice stories" to read some and feel not so alone LOL. One of them said wonderful things about "Licefreee Spray!" First thing I did this morning was hightail it to Walgreens and get some. I saturated her hair with it, and when it dried I used the metal comb provided (WHICH by the way worked 10000x better than the plastic one with the lice kit I got earlier). This product was so easy. I'm buying 2 extra bottles tomorrow just in case. And the Shampoo. I cannot thank you all enough for coming up with an EASY product that kills lice AND nits. Thank you thank you thank you!


After trying Nix, Rid, then Nix again on my daugher, she still had live lice and nits and then dandruff from all the chemicals I had used!! She and I both were very discouraged. We ususally shop at CVS, which is where we got these products. I went to Walgreens to see if they had anything different we could try and that is where I found the LiceFree Spray. Thank God!!!! It worked the first time, killed ntis and live bugs, and she has not had lice since then. That was over a year ago!!! I recommend your product to anyone who has to deal with this problem. Thank you so much!


I swear by Licefreee Spray and have recommened it to many friends and family. After trying a few different products that didn't work, I did some research and found Licefreee. We have used Licefreee twice and both times (about two years apart) it has done what it promises to do. Thank you for a product that is simple to use, does what it's advertised to do, isn't loaded with chemicals and doesn't burn my child's hair or scalp!


I first learned of this product when my daughter was in 1st grade (2 yrs ago). We had the unfortunate event of our first encounter with lice. We used Nix - didn't work, we used as instructed and still pulled live lice off her head. So I did some research on the internet and came across this product and love it. It worked instantly. I did have to spend like 16 hrs pulling nits out of my daughters hair tho, as her school had a no-nit policy. So to my despair a couple of days ago I noticed my daughter had lice again, so I immediately went out and bought this product again and again it worked instantly. However this time I spent a total of 35 hrs pulling nits out of her hair. I would like to share a tip tho. I pinned (with a clip) a quart size baggy to my daughters shirt (with the top part folded over) and as I pulled nits off I put them in the bag. This way they're easy to throw away and keep contained.

Kishwa Jenkins

Last weekend my son, who is in second grade, was complaining about his head itching. We tend to be a family of dry itchy skin and scalp people so I didn't think too much of it until I noticed he was scratching constantly. Upon further investigation I discovered that his head had a full blown infestation of LICE!!!! Years of jobs in the education field and I had never seen a case so bad. I was horrified! Immediately I checked his twin sister to discover that she had lice and nits as well. To my horror my three-year-old son had them as well. Since I am a cuddler and lay in bed with the kids every evening to read there was little doubt in my mind that I would have them too. My husband checked and I was right, he was lucky duck and somehow escaped the curse. We went right out and bought some of that awful pesticide shampoo and treatment kit. We treated everyone. I spent hours carefully combing through my kids' hair to remove bugs and nits. We gave up on my very long hair and chopped about 8 inches of it off so my husband could go through it. The next day I checked their hair again knowing I would find more nits but was horrified to find live bugs. I was discussing my dilemma with a friend as I was reluctant to expose my children to more pesticide. She recommended Licefreee to me. I hunted around and found it at Walgreens. I came home. We immediately treated the whole family which was so simple and easy. By the next morning every bug was dead and every nit was noticeably dehydrated. I only wish we had known about Licefreee from the start; the process would have been much simpler and I would still have long hair. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know!

Christina Sexton-Seibert

I have used all of the Licefree products at some point on my children. The first time was about 13 y ears ago. I had stayed in a hotel for about a week and my girls both had long, thick hair. When we got home, they had lice and it was a horrible infestation. I tried several of the other products out before I came across the Licefree. I read that it could be used multiple times, back to back, and that it had to be left on for at least an hour so I figured it had to work. I bought it and just about gagged when I smelled it, as I hate the smell of black licorice, but, I can say that the smell is well worth the way this stuff works! After one application, they were free of lice and I didn't have to do anything at all, really. Since then, I have used both the shampoo and spray and I love this stuff. I recommend it to the school nurses so that they can inform parents of it when they have to send kids home with lice. It's no more expensive than the other products out there and works in one use. I will never go back to any other product.


Thanks for such a great product. My 8 year old daughter came home from school with an itchy head. It was late in the evening and I would be unable to go buy an OTC medication. I researched home treatments and didn't find one that had 100% positive reviews. The next morning we had a nit picking session, I removed several live nymphs and lots of nits. She had a very mild infestation. I was prepared to buy Rid, but picked the Walmart Equate brand to save some money. The reviews were good, but I wasn't comfortable using chemicals on my baby. I also wanted the Rid nit comb, but at $7+ it was a bit pricey. The Licefree was slightly more expensive, but included a metal nit comb. I looked up the reviews on Amazon, they were all good. I was sold. The treatment was so easy. I would recommend this product to anyone that has children. Also, the website has answers to many questions that were helpful.

Christy Casarez

If i could hug you i would. This LiceFreee Spray has saved my sanity. The smell is nice and lack of horrible chemicals has made this challenge easier than anything we have tried. After several other products all promising to kill and remove the lice and all have failed until now. The time and money wasted on other products is more than you can imagine....school is starting and we will keep a bottle on hand at all times now. Thank you for the Licefreee Spray!

Jen Smith

I have 4 kids of my own and also foster 3 more. When I got the 3 foster kids they had extremely bad head lice. I thought I would die. I treated them with everything the store had to offer. Nothing worked. Then my 3 girls got it, so now have 6 kids with head lice. I was at my ends with nothing working. I cried so many nights with nothing working and washing clothes and treating the house all the time. I finally seen the liceee free spray in the store and decided I would try it. What could I loose, tried everything else. Came home stripped bed and washed. Sat down, sprayed hair and combed. I could not believe how well it worked. I was so excited and so were my children. Now I can rest better at night knowing I have this product. Thank you for making it so easy and painless for my children. Were tired of seeing the tears and screaming with the lice shampoos. Thank You so much!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Tammy McGarity

I have a 2 year old daughter and recently noticed her scratching her head. I was surprised to find lice in her hair. I went to the drug store and I didn't want to get Rid because of the chemicals and have her touch her head, (plus staying still isn't a quality of hers, like many 2 year olds) when I found this product. It was WONDERFUL. So simple and fast. It smells good too. I had all the bugs and nits out of her hair in under 5 minutes. This was the best product I've seen for lice treatment. I HIGHLY recommend this product for any person, especially for people with young children.


After struggling with lice for off and on for two years at my end I picked up this product and it is a miracle!! School just got out and ohh yea break out back to lice free I go!!!


I can't believe how effective this spray was! After the Rid failed to work, I purchased the Licefree spray at our local Walgreens. Needless to say... I was completely shocked at how easy it was to use, how pleasant it smelled (black licorice), and how effective it was! My kids have not complained of itching and while I still inspect every day just out of paranoia, I have not found any nits or live bugs. I am so pleased with this product that I will be purchasing a couple of bottles to keep in the house in case they are infected again. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PROVIDING A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!


In one word, your product is FANTASTIC! I am so impressed! I bought the kit and your products were so easy to use, it got rid of the lice and nits faster then any other product we tried! The smell is pleasant and it didn't fry the hair or burn the scalp. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you for the wonderful alternative to the harsh chemical stuff that is out there for this problem.


I'm a 48yo disabled person that got lice from my caregiver. After using the RID and it didn't work. I went to Walgreens to get a prescription and saw LICEFREE gel. I first used the gel, followed the instructions and it was all taken care of. Then 4 months later, I got a new caregiver (all with school age children I might add and we have a bad problem with lice in the local schools) I found lice on me again. It's literally a painful problem for me to do the vacuuming and washing of bedding and clothes Since they won't let a "caregiver" come back over and help me clean up..touchy subject there. So, I went back to the pharmacy to get more LICEFREE gel. That's when I saw they had the Spray out!!!! IT KILLS THE NITS! I came home, sprayed it in, it dried. I'm free of those pests! And I will keep this handy just incase the state decides to send me another "caregiver" that has lice. I hope not, but I know LICEFREE SPRAY will be in my bag of tricks for lice. It smells of Anise oil to me.


I am a pharmacist who never believed in "natural products"... Once diagnosed I ran to the store for a FDA approved product, went home, used it and thought, "there that's taken care of.". Well it wasn't it. I checked the girls' heads the next day and, ugh, still live lice. The mother whom my children contracted the lice from suggested Licefreee. I went to the store, read the label and thought, makes sense I'll try it. Thank goodness!! It WORKS!! I love this product! My girls have suffered through head lice 4 separate times now and each time Licefreee has rescued me. I would not normally write a testimony like this but I want this product to succeed because I never know when I will need it again. It works, this pharmacist recommends it!


My husband and I are hippies plain and simple and we both have dreadlocks. Our little boy got lice and needless to say we did too. We are very serious about not using toxic chemicals in treating our child for anything. We bought your spray hoping it would work for him and praying it would work for us (if not we would have to cut off our dreads to eliminate the lice. Your product worked great on our son and saved our dreads. You have no idea how hard it is normally to get lice out of dreads but your product did the trick. Im so happy we could use a safe natural product to treat our little guy. I will recommend your products to anyone....especially people with dreadlocks. Thanks you so much!


OMG!!!!! ... I am IN LOVE with Lice Freee Spray!!! ... after having treated my daughter SEVERAL TIMES over the past few months ... I was at my wits end ... I have tried RID ... NIX ... store-brand lice treatments ... and home rememdies ... sooooooo ... after making yet ANOTHER trip to the store for more treatments ... I came across Lice Freee ... I read the box ... noticed the price ... and thought "what have I got to lose" ... what did I have to lose ... I will tell you ... I had to lose LICE!!!!! ... that's what ... ONE TREATMENT!!! ... that was it ... she ahd a HORRIBLE infestation ... TONS of live bugs that I had combed out before treatment ... and afterward ... DEAD bugs!! ... and even NITS were combed out ... when I had used other treatments ... I was STILL finding LIVE BUGS!!! ... but NOT with Lice Freee!!!! ... there was no unpleasant smell ... no stinging or irritation to her skin or scalp ... I can HONESTLY say "I LOVE LICE FREEE!!!!!" ... and so does my daughter ... after ONE TREATMENT ... I have decided that I will NEVER ... EVER ... use another treatment AGAIN!!! ... THANK YOU LICE FREE!!!!!


I am the mom to 4 kids. When you get a letter sent home from school saying someone in one of the kids class has head lice, it sends me into a panic. Recently one of my kids got headlice. Which turned into 3 of the 4 catching it. So I did the usual, got RID. well, it only worked for 2 of the kids, and then I got lice too. I tried EVERYTHING! Did a second RID treatment, an oil and vinegar mix (let me tell you how messy that is!) and even got a RX that didnt work. I went to the store for yet another box of RID, and found the "Licefreee" spray on the shelf. I was skeptical, how is that going to work better than the other stuff? But I got 2 bottles of it, and home I went. Sprayed my daughters hair first, she has REALLY thick very LONG hair. THen I had her spray mine. We kept it in over night and then washed it out. It has a nice smell, and was SO very easy to put on. 10 days later, no nits, no lice, and we are VERY happy with this product. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a great product!


I was at my witts end, my daughter has been battling the war on lice for about a month and we had tried everything! RID and Prescriptions from the Dr. I even went as far as to use a tub of Vassiline on her head. I went to Walmart to get a new comb and saw this on the shelf. I thought to myself " hey why not? ive tried everything else" brought it home at 8pm and sprayed her hair. It was a Miracal!!!!!! They just came right out! The best part of it, was that it didnt hurt my daughters head and she actually let me spray her again in the morning! I absoulty love love love love this product. I am taking her to the nurse at school today for a "recheck" and i am bringing this with me to tell her about it! Thank you so much for giving my daughter her life back!!!!!!!


i bought this because my neighbors have an infestation and every time my (homeschooled) girls go down there, one of them comes back with it...(needless to say i dont allow them down there anymore) and i noticed that when i use OTHER products, my youngest daughters hair breaks and gets damaged....i LOVE Licefreee Spray and will forever continue to use it...i found a live adult in my oldests hair, pulled it out of her hair, put it on a cotton cound and sprayed it 3 or 4 times with the spray and it died within seconds. i used it on all threes heads and will continue to use it everyday! :)

April Champion

I just discovered the dreaded creatures in 2 of my girls' hair! Yuck!! Panic!!! I looked online to find the best, safest product. I went to the store and bought the Licefreee Spray as the reviews were great. I have to say, application, and odor were unbeliveably pleasant! I only had 1 bug that was still alive. We sprayed that little sucker and "POOF"...dead on the spot! I will reccomend this product to everyone!.

Cyd Nugent



I had been battling lice for 3 months!!! I had 6 children in the home, ages ranging from 8 years-15 months...I had tried EVERYTHING!!! I became concerned of poisoning my children, I was using the RID and NIX so often, especially the babies. Finally, I found LiceFree! Spray at Walgreens (the ONLY store I could find it in) and O...M...G what a MIRACLE!!! I tried it on the baby first, I saturated her hair and when I started combing it out they were just falling dead!! JOY!!!!! After 3 months...we finally got rid of it in 2 days after the use of LiceFree!. I work in pediatrics and it is the ONLY product I recommend to my patients!! Thank you LiceFree!!!!!!

Leah Flores

My 15 year old son has gotten head lice at least twice a year for the past 9 years -- ever since he started school. Needless to say, we've tried every product on the market, including prescription shampoos and pesticides that "guarantee" results. Those are smelly, expensive, a hassle...and they DON'T WORK!

About two years ago, I found Licefreee Spray while on the hunt for something that would work without breaking the bank. I sprayed it on, let it dry and used the metal comb that was included to comb out his hair. He had a very heavy infestation but every louse died and I didn't have to retreat 10 days later! And the smell was great! It reminded me of licorice. :) Now, if my son even imagines he's come into contact with head lice, he runs for the Licefreee spray. It's safe enough to use any time and is very affordable.

Licefreee Spray is all we use and I recommend it to everyone.


This product is AMAZING! I just can't get over how great this stuff works.


My daughters were sent home from school with head lice. I immediately treated them with an OTC product, and I also took them to see their pediatrician. The doctor gave us a new prescription product to use the following day. Even after 2 different types of medication, I was still finding live lice as I combed. Coupled with the plastic combs that were not removing many nits, my frustration was very high! In the pharmacy for metal lice combs, nit gel, and plastic gloves, I found Lice Freee spray on the shelf. The price was reasonable, metal combs were included, and the product stated it was safe to use as often as needed, so I bought it. And all I can say is, WOW!! It smelled pleasant, the spray was SO easy to apply thoroughly, and it didn't burn the girls' heads. Plus, the combs were absolutely fantastic, removing at least 99% of the nits- and my daughters both have hair that is very curly and difficult to comb! After receiving the all-clear from the school nurse the day after finding Lice Freee, I told her about it, and she plans to recommend it to the other parents in the school! Thank you for a GREAT product!

Shari McAllister

After having to pick up my two daughters from school with visible nits and active lice, I was not looking forward to all that comes with getting rid of lice. We shampooed (using Nix) separating out the hair into sections and I spent 3 hours combing out their hair...even after using the Nix I was pulling live lice from my daughters head!!! We did all the other steps throughout the house to help prevent the spread only to find their heads the next day infested with lice and nits. Off to the store again...this time we chose the Lice Free Spray... I again spent about 2 hours combing out their hair but with remarkable results...the lice were killed by the spray and were coming out in the comb in droves! I am so glad I tried your product and would recommend it without hesitation!

Wendy Ibanez

I can't believe it, but I got lice somehow at age 34! I was mortified and extremely embarrassed. I was scared to use the products that were on the market because I knew they had pesticides in them. After doing an internet search for non-toxic lice removal this product came up. I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I can tell you that I used it and was so surprised how easy and effective the product was. I just sprayed it in and used the comb and removed several bugs and tons of nits. It was super easy and smelled really nice too. I felt really good about using this product and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be Licefreee quickly.

Zoe Sanchez

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